Mother’s Day Tea Tray Cloth

This is a super simple craft for children to make for Mother’s Day!  I LOVE the idea of this craft being something that Mother’s will use for many years over and over again!  I know that my own mum makes use of my cloths when I was a kid….maaannnnyyyy years later!

Present it beautifully on a tray laden with all yummy and pretty things mother’s love for tea.

Wonderful as breakfast in bed helping to celebrate her utter love, selflessness & intense dedication that she tirelessly invests into her children each and every day.

Go on!  This craft is one she will just ADORE!

buy antabuse online uk Supplies

  • white, plain tea tray cloth
  • fabric paints
  • trays for the paints (I used old veggie punnet trays)
  • sponges
  • heart cookie cutters
  • Fabric Pen
  • Child’s apron
  • Ribbon (Optional)
  • Thread (Matching the colour of the Ribbon chosen) (Optional)
  • Needle/Fabric Glue (Optional)

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Cover your crafting table with newspaper about 3 layers thick and covering most of your table.  (Toddlers LOVE to travel while they work!)

Firstly offer your child the sponge rollers and the fabric paint in the lightest colour:  Yellow.
Show your child how to roll the rollers onto the cloth to create the prints.
This will give the background for the next art layer.

To build the ‘love’ design with the hearts:  next offer your child the paint trays with fabric paint colours that complement each other:  orange, pink and red.
Show your child how to Dip the Heart cookie cutter into the tray of paint and stamp it onto the cloth.  Encourage them to stamp away to their heart’s content!

Allow the cloth to dry for a couple of hours.  Remember, the more paint on the cloth, the longer it will take to dry.

Once the cloth is dry, you can give your child the fabric markers to complete their unique design for mum.  Or if your child is still little, write a little love note to mummy to complete the beautiful keepsake for this mother’s day!

If you chose to add some ribbon to the tray, tie your ribbon into little bows to stitch/glue onto the corners of the cloth.




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